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Responsive Vertical FAQ module for Dotnetnuke is a basic FAQ. This module is simple, faster and more customizable.

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Demo2 - Vertical FAQ

IValueConverter Example

Value converters are used in Data binding. When source object type and target object type are different at that time value converts are used to manipulate data between source and target. Converter class must implement IValueConverter interface. The IValueConverter interface consists of two methods Convert() and ConvertBack().

How to destroy Session variables in ASP.Net C#

It was work fine but suddenly it stop working, that is It cannot destroy my session variable. I don't know what's my fault. please help my.

Convert Method gets called when source updates target object

So basically the we are binding string value from textbox to Ischecked property of the combobox. But IsChecked requires a Boolean value. So here is where the Value converter concept kicks where we convert text value from textbox to boolean value to set IsChecked property.

ASP.NET master page meta resourcekey

Note: When this method is called, the current Session object is not deleted until all of the script on the current page have been processed. This means that it is possible to access session variables on the same page as the call to Abandon, but not from another Web page.

Responsive Vertical FAQ

1   How would you friends and colleagues describe you?

Bring out the positive aspects of what your friends have said about you. 

2   If you were offered this role, when could you start?

Sound enthusiastic and demonstrate that you can be flexible.

3   Tell me about yourself?

Give a brief overview of your experience, don’t waffle.
Connect your experience with the reasons for applying for the job opportunity in question
Make sure you stick to the script of your CV.
Provide responses that suggest you are a stable, well-adjusted and positive individual.
Give only positive statements, sell your skills and experiences as benefits.

4   What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Be honest, but end on a positive note. 

5   What do you know about our company?

Demonstrate that you have researched the company; know their products, the firm’s size, its reputation within industry, its history and values. 

6   What kind of environment do you like working in?

Some employers are looking for specific key phrases like ‘dynamic environment’. Consider how you work best, but also think about the philosophy of the company before answering. 

7   Where do you see yourself being in 3-5 years?

Talk about how you would like to progress through the company. The interviewer needs to know you’re not going to jump ship at the earliest opportunity. 

8   Why are you wanting leave your current job?

Don’t criticise your past employers.

9   Why do you want to work for us?

Talk about their needs and explain what you can do for them. It’s not about what you want at this stage. 

10   Why should we hire you?

Example response: “I believe that I have the skills, knowledge, competences and experience to help the company be successful.”

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